Moment Bicycles is proud to be a sponsor of the San Diego Triathlon Classic, as well as provide training, maintenance, and rental services to athletes participating in the race.


Train with us thorughout the week, every week.  We are currently riding from the shop on Tuesday morningsThursday mornings, and Sunday mornings.


The Service Course at Moment Bicycles is our lifeblood.  If your bicycle doesn’t work flawlessly, the ride just isn’t the same.  Our career technicians have the extensive training and experience to optimize your machine for race day.  From a simple safety check to full pre-race tune-ups, our technicians are the best in the business.  Period.


Road bikes, tri bikes, race wheels and wetsuits.  Moment Bicycles has what you need to get it done.  If your visiting from out of town or just need an upgrade for the weekend, Moment Bicycles has the speed you need.